very tired cat that looks like a rag

I'm a tired cat thanks


I'm 4ivilo and I really like retro-looking operating systems!!!
I'm an art maker, but as a hobby for now. By day I work as a Graphic Designer.
I'm quite introverted and have a little bit of trouble making and maintaining friends, so if I don't respond to you please don't be mad 🙇‍♀️

yes yes

Things I like

retro aesthetics, art and animation, weird things, kind people, retrowave music, meditation, nature

no no

Things I hate

hipocrisy, intolerance, commercialization, "cancel" culture, pollution, AI, [!@TikTok!!] - very big hatred for this one

You can use this button to create a link to this OS thanks

here's the code you lazy piece of cube

Minii forum - discuss this page

Posted by mandarine_dreams on 04-12-2022
thanks a lot for the button code! it makes things a lot easier. i added you to my webpage :-) xoxo

Posted by XxX_69_troll_96_XxX on 04-20-2022
wtf lol why you put netscape icon if its a LINK tree?? netscape is a brwoser lollz

Posted by XxX_69_troll_96_XxX on 04-20-2022
also who the **** likes retro aesthetics while liking nature??? retro asethetics r based on technololgy and robots and you say you ahte hipocrizy lolz

Posted by moderator on 04-20-2022
XxX_69_troll_96_XxX, this is your last time insulting people. Next time you'll get banned.

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