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Posted by n4ru70_545uk3_hokage on 10-03-2022
whats instagram is it a virus

Posted by XxX_69_troll_96_XxX on 10-12-2022
naruto_sasuk-hokagu are you a idiot wher hv u been since last 10 yrs insta is old af it has all kindz of viruses like the piratbay even saying the world gives u the virus

Posted by XxX_69_troll_96_XxX on 10-14-2022
btw naruto sucks wy do u watch that **** are u a weaboo how many katanas do u hve in your closet do u wash urself lol

Posted by twinkle-star on 10-15-2022
Go **** yourself @troll69, he just kindly asked a question and you're instulting the poor guy. I saw you doing the same on other pages what's your problem??
No, it's a social media website (and a mobile app!) where you can share photos and videos with the world :-) There is NO virus there, don't listen to that troll guy.

Posted by travelling_in_a_jeep on 10-14-2022
@XxX_69_troll_96_XxX I agree with @twinkle-star what's your problem? Get a life dumb *** kiddo

Posted by minty_feathers on 10-16-2022
Sigh... Where's the moderator when you need him?

[big shot]