Welcome to 4ivilO'S Version 2.0.1a!

Active desktop full of ads!!

This is still a work in progress, like always!
Mobile devices are not supported yet, please buy a PC or Mac to get the best experience!!

Update REP 13-11-2022
Unfortunately we will have to delay the Gallery program's release as we found some bugs, sorry for inconvenience :(
We have other updates however!

  • Enjoy new default fonts for 4OS!
  • We also added forum support for the Cube Realm!!
  • We hear you!! We put more ads for your convenience!!

Update REP 15-10-2022
Good news! We are getting the art gallery to work almost as intended!! Soon, you'll be able to experience the viewing of art! Isn't that cool?? Plus we're considering creating a file manager to run your programs as well!!

Update REP 22-09-2022
We updated the overall looks of the system, we hope you love them even more now!!!

  • New feature - iFrames!
    You can switch content on the main website, isn't that cool???

Did you know??
Number 4 in Japan has the same reading as "death" and the Japanese tend to not have the 4th floor in their buildings so they don't "bring" death to themselves.
A superstition, but it's still strong.

Update REP 20-09-2022
Hello all! While we're working on the new system, we added a new feature called Minii forum! You can share your experience, discuss with others and tell us what we can improve in the system :-)
We'll take all critique, but please be nice to each other! (and to us in that matter...)
We have the brave moderator with us who will take care of the forums.

Update REP 17-09-2022
Heyyyyyy our dudes, we're working on a new version of 4(ivil)OS!!!

Minii forum - discuss this page

Posted by XxX_69_troll_96_XxX on 10-02-2022
what a ****** os i prefer windows master race *******!!!

Posted by XxX_69_troll_96_XxX on 10-03-2022
u advertised adz and their not here what the **** wheers the activity this **** barley works

Posted by XxX_69_troll_96_XxX on 10-08-2022
why the ducks am i getting censored are you beautiful?
Dude, mind your language or I will ban you. This is your first warning out of three. ~moderator
PS. Yes, I am :-)

Posted by XxX_69_troll_96_XxX on 10-10-2022
ok sorry

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