07-07-2020 Tue

I added a new section to folio called trash. I could put it in the trash page however it will contain things that cannot be ignored. Saying that I finally started doing Alphons Whittlesheet's and Dragon's trashy adventures.

05-06-2020 Sat

New 3D art and new illustration~

15-05-2020 Fri

New fanart

12-05-2020 Mon

New personal art

27-04-2020 Mon

23-04-2020 Thu

19-04-2020 Sun

Older updates: Added some 3D renders of mine.

05-04-2020 Sun

Found some old illus I liked, so I added them to the folio.

04-04-2020 Sat

New art!

30-03-2020 Mon

26-03-2020 Sat
Added some characters to the Characters subpage. More to come, stay tuned!

Older updates:

07-03-2020 Sat

Page looks better when it's narrower, so ta-daah!

29-02-2020 Tue

25-02-2020 Tue

Trash page got a new look.

09-09-2019 Sat

Got bored with "stuff" in my page title, so I changed it to "cube realm". I feel it fits the page more.

07-09-2019 Sat

I forgot to mention some things, whoops.

07-05-2018 Mon

14-04-2018 Fri

26-03-2018 Mon

7-05-2017 Fri

14-04-2017 Fri

5-03-2017 Sun

12-12-2016 Mon

26-11-2016 Sat

22-11-2016 Wed

Added Project Connect to the site.

20-11-2016 Sun

More updates~

This time I added new pages and redesigned some stuff. Probably I'll change stuff even more.
I'm supposed to learn for tests... lolno, my neocities site is more important.

15-11-2016 Tue

What's with me making new posts on Tuesdays?
Aaaanyway, I made an update to the site, I stopped liking my previous layout, so I changed this and that.
I hope you enjoy the new look.